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About Open 2 Talk Counselling 
Jacqueline Gordon

Open 2 Talk Counselling offers In-Person and Virtual CBT Addiction Therapeutic Counselling. We have created a supportive and empowering online environment designed to help individuals overcome addiction, mental health difficulties and achieve long-term recovery. The service is available to Individuals. The counselling is delivered by experienced, certified and BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered therapist and APM (Addiction Professionals Registration Body and Network) registered practitioner and therapist. working therapeutically with clients since 2018. Offering personalised counselling sessions to enable clients to create their journey from where they are now to where they want to be.


Clients can connect with a qualified and registered Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic CBT & Addiction Counsellor, schedule counselling sessions, and maintain and develop their progress. Our person-centred approach ensures that each individual receives tailored support based on their specific needs and goals. 

With a focus on privacy and confidentiality, our approach ensures that clients can access the support they need from wherever they feel safe and most comfortable. By combining personalised CBT & Addiction Therapeutic Counselling and educational resources our approach empowers individuals to break free from Addiction and create a fulfilling life in Recovery.

Jacqueline Gordon

I am an integrative trained Registered Member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered therapist and I use varying methods of therapy to work with clients addressing a wide range of psychological issues as well a specialist in treating addiction disorders and the effects of Trauma and Abuse. I am registered with APM (Addiction Professionals Registration Body and Network) registered practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Counsellor.

I hold a Diploma in Addiction Therapy, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Counselling Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and Diploma in Fitness Instructor, I have a thriving private practice with clinics in Bolton, Greater Manchester and surrounding areas, as well as online where appropriate. I am an experienced one to one and group therapist, with a specialist in working with a wide range of psychological issues. I have extensive experience working with adults with autism and ADHD, as well as supporting clients who are survivors and victims of domestic abuse and trauma. I also have a specialism treating addictive disorders in the broadest sense. I use an integrative approach that to draw from a range of therapeutic perspectives and theories, including Person-Centred Counselling, Psychodynamic & Group Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Meditation, Transactional Analysis, and 12-Step Philosophy.

The collaborative approach encourages self-advocacy, self-acceptance, and self-understanding. I firmly believe that exploring the past often holds the key to understanding our current psychological struggles. I place great importance on the power of the therapeutic relationship and am dedicated to working with integrity, authenticity, and transparency.

Outline of offer

In-Person Therapy

On-line Therapy
Individual Family and Concerned Others Support

I have worked with over 500 clients in community-based treatment as a Psychosocial Intervention Coach, as a Counsellor in a domestic abuse unit and outreach centre and in my private practice. I am a BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered therapist and APM (Addiction Professionals Registration Body and Network, 3191) registered practitioner and therapist. I have been working therapeutically with clients since 2018. 

I have worked for NHS Trust IAPT Primary Care Psychological Therapy Service for as a Trainee CBT/HIT (Cognitive Behavioural / High Intensity Therapist) studying and working with patients to help address a range of problems such as depression, Anxiety, worry, panic, stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ( PTSD), OCD, and Phobias.

I have worked in NHS Trust Drug and Alcohol Services in the NHS implementing alcohol and Substance Misuse in NHS Services in Greater Manchester Mental Health Services implementing therapeutic interventions required in monitoring, reviewing and  implementing Pre-Detox Interventions and Relapse Prevention Interventions in group settings with clients in a one-to-one capacity in my role with the NHS, I informed recovery action plans in consultation with patients to help that address individual's social care needs and goals. 
I am further qualified in Dual Diagnosis - Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Misuse, Therapy of Addictive Disorders, Harm Reduction, Mental Health, Behavioural Activation, OCD, Trauma Informed Therapy, Bipolar Disorder and Autism & ADHD.

I have worked in a domestic abuse unit in a community setting, with clients who have experienced domestic abuse and violence as a Family Support Worker and as a Volunteer Qualified Integrative Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Counsellor. I used my counselling skills and knowledge to hold a safe space for clients to express their emotions of trauma, depression and anxiety to help clients begin their healing process. 


I and am currently working in an NHS Trust outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centre and in private practice.

I am skilled in providing evidence-based therapeutic interventions to adults, and young people aged 16 +. I am currently working as a Care Coordinator in a Drug and Alcohol Service (NHS) in Greater Manchester. I have experience providing comprehensive assessment and intervention to those who have experiencing a range of addiction, mental health difficulties including complex trauma, anxiety and depression as well as supporting concerned others and carers. I also have experience providing consultation and support to professionals and carers experiencing Phobia, OCD Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour, Trauma and PTSD and Domestic Abuse.

If you have been thinking about having counselling and feel my skills, knowledge and working experience are a good fit to help you with you please book in for a free initial 30 minute consultation to see if we are able to work together.

To book a Free 30-Minute Consultation click the button below 

This is a picture of BACP registration, it shows the icon of BACP and the registration number 395241
This is an image of the Addiction Professionals certificate of membership, Jacqueline is registered with addiction professionals her registration membership number is 3191
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Hello my name is Jacqueline Gordon
A picture of Jacqueline Gordon a Registered Cognitive Behavioural Therapist CBT Addiction and Person Centred Counsellor

Jacqueline is a highly trained and experienced professional dedicated to working collaboratively with individuals to overcome difficulties or addiction and achieve lasting recovery. With extensive knowledge of addiction and recovery strategies, she provides compassionate and personalised support to clients on their journey.
Equipped with specialised training and specialism, she possesses the skills and tools necessary to assist clients in developing effective coping mechanisms, identifying triggers, and setting achievable goals to leave the world of chaos, conflict and crisis behind and look forward to a fulfilling life in recovery.
With a non-judgmental, open and inquiring approach, she creates a safe and supportive space for clients to explore the underlying issues contributing to their mental health issues or addiction and works with them developing strategies to overcome and move forward. By developing a wide range of techniques and drawing from her own experience she empowers individuals to reclaim their lives and build a solid foundation for a brighter future.

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07577 461 445
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Jacqueline's Qualifications

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Skills and Theory (CBT) Level 5 CPCAB

Addiction Therapy Diploma with Distinction Centre of Excellence. 

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Level 4 Skills Education Group Awards.

Harm Reduction, Blood Borne Viruses, Sexual Health, Drug Related Deaths & Needle Exchange Practice GMMH NHS

Administering Naloxone Risk Factors for an Opioid Overdose Greater Manchester  NHS

Safeguarding Adults Level 3 NHS Greater Manchester Mental Health .

Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice NHS Greater Manchester Mental Health

Motivational Interviewing Level 3 NHS Greater Manchester Mental Health.

Safeguarding Children Level 3 NHS Greater Manchester Mental Health

Certificate in Suicide Prevention NHS e-Learning for Healthcare.

Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling 80 Hours CPD Counselling Tutor.

Certificate of Achievement Fitness Instructor Training with Distinction Level 5 Quality Licence Scheme

Certificate Recognising and Responding to Domestic Abuse Level 3 Fortalice Training for Professionals.

Certificate How to Succeed in Private Practice BACP

Access to Higher Education Nursing & Health Level 3 Bolton college.

Contact Jacqueline

Need to talk?
Then give Jacqueline a call now on 07577 461 445 to discuss your requirements.
If you prefer to email Jacqueline then click the button below to visit the contact page and fill in the form.

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